How To Upgrade Your Equipment In Shadow Fight 3 Game

How to upgrade your equipment in Shadow Fight 3 game

When playing the Shadow Fight 3 game, upgrading your equipment may be one of the best ways in which you can be able to ensure that you are able to move forward as effectively as you possibly can. If you are wondering where it is that you can be able to gain your Shadow Fight 3 cheats new equipment, then this is normally achieved by completing the different quests and making use of the card packs as well. Even though you may find this process to be more of a slow grind, it is still important to pay attention to it throughout the game.

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Whenever you choose to open a given card pack, there is going to be a free card which will be offered to you which is normally done as a kind of exchange once you have watched a certain ad. It is important for you to always watch the ads. Having more cards is always going to be beneficial to you since they are also going to ensure that you are more flexible especially when it comes to the gear that you can be able to equip with.

Another thing for you to do when it comes to upgrading your equipment would be to always focus on the equipment that or on the higher stat. Also, never be afraid to go ahead and add the variety of special abilities to the equipment. You should always do so each time you get the opportunity.
When it comes to the weapons, you can always go ahead and mix them up creatively since when you have different weapons to make use of, they tend to come with different advantages. For example, when it comes to spears, they are normally a little bit slow but may be very beneficial if you are using them for longer distances. On the other hand, making use of a set of daggers normally requires that you get closer to your target.

The best thing to when you want to upgrade your equipment would shadow fight 3 hack be to go for what is going to suit you best at all times.

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